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2010-Oct-17, 11:36 PM
Hi, all,

My motivation for coming to this forum is that sometimes I hear about theories in physics or astronomy that seem goofy to me, but I'm not sure whether they're total kook material or not, and it's hard to get information. Other times, there is a theory that sounds clearly off base to me, but it could be time-consuming to learn enough about it to be able to refute it. As a concrete example, I recently heard about a theory called relational mechanics, which is a theory of gravity developed by someone named Assis, who has an academic position at a university. I spent most of an afternoon learning enough to refute it. (It requires tired light in order to explain cosmological redshifts, and it is also inconsistent with the experimental evidence for Lorentz invariance.)

In a case like this, where is the best place to post for information? Should I post in ATM, or Science and Technology? Does the choice depend on my initial impression as to how kooky the theory is? Sometimes the distinction is pretty hard to make. E.g., Assis's theory is kind of an interesting Machian toy model; it's not kooky in and of itself, but only in its application to the universe we actually live in.



2010-Oct-18, 12:22 AM
Hi bcrowell, welcome to BAUT. If you are asking about some ATM concept, Q&A is probably the best place to post. It would help if you make it very, very clear that you simply wish to know what is wrong with the ATM concept, or why it is ATM, and that you are not advocating for it. If Q&A isn't the place for it, or if the discussion heads in a direction that warrants it, a moderator may move it to a different forum.

If you add links be aware that for your first few posts there may be a shortish delay before a moderator approves your post. This is an anti-spam measure, and it'll go away after you have a few posts under your belt. This delay may also be triggered for some key words, so don't worry if a post doesn't appear immediately.

2010-Oct-18, 12:39 AM
slang covered it very well, but I'll just make it official. If you are just asking about something, Q&A is probably the best starting point. It is possible we might move it eventually to Science & Technology or Astronomy, depending upon the topic and if it becomes an extended discussion, but I wouldn't worry about that.

If you wish to advocate a non-mainstream idea, you need to do so in either Against The Mainstream (ATM) or Conspiracy Theories (CT). If that is what you wish to do, I would strongly urge you to review the Rules for the board, and the appropriate "Advice for Advocates" thread in either ATM or CT.

Have fun.

2010-Oct-18, 12:46 AM
Thanks for the info!


2010-Oct-18, 02:51 AM
Welcome to the forum, bcrowell. :) From what I've seen of your posts on another forum, you're bound to be a valuable member here.