View Full Version : First Rickroll in Space

2010-Oct-18, 01:50 PM
Those pranksters from Zug have now gone to the edge of space, sending their own DIY satellite up to 89,000 feet above Earth, and doing a little Rickrolling along the way. They claim they have now pulled the famous prank on the entire planet. Hmmm, hopefully this wasn’t the source of the radio signals that [...]

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2010-Oct-19, 01:08 AM
we'll never get that He back :(

2010-Oct-19, 04:17 AM
Woulda been funnier if they did leekspin (http://www.leekspin.com/) instead...

Or rarther, it would have been funny, had they done leekspin (http://www.leekspin.com/) instead...

and for the descent, they coulda used this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFl-CulS8WY

Maha Vailo
2010-Oct-20, 11:37 PM
Errm, technically, didn't the first Rickroll in space occur in the late 80's, when "Never Gonna Give You Up" first came out?

Still, that was an excellent prank. :clap::lol::dance:

- Maha Vailo