View Full Version : could someone help me identify this (UFO)? thanks

2010-Oct-23, 06:17 AM
so i was riding in the car and my wife was driving. i had the window open and was randomly taking photos of the neat looking sky..

when i got home and uploaded the photos, i came across this..

i am asuming that it is meteor.. i didnt see it but apparently my camera saw it..

Canon 5d Mark II
ISO 100
Shutter Priority

i have no idea what it is..

i have about 5~6 photos all in the same part of the sky taken within about 2 seconds of each other in burst.. this is the only one of the batch right smack in the middle of the group with the UFO.. (its flying and totally unidentified..)
as for it being an object.. well..

my first impression was meteor..

im second guessing..
i wish i had a definite answer..

2010-Oct-23, 02:29 PM
My first thought was a contrail, but the other photos taken in a two second burst seem to rule that out. It appears, however, to be on the near side of a cloud bank, which I don't think fits with a meteor. What was the time of day, weather conditions, and so forth? Apparently pretty dark. Can you be sure the other photos are showing the correct bit of sky in the corner?

2010-Oct-23, 03:46 PM
My guess is a meteor. (based on the appaerance and the fact it appears on one frame out of three closely spaced frames)

As for apperaing to be in front of the clouds--it could be an optical illusion because it is a thin streak. The programming in the human brain will "complete" broken lines to make shapes. ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kanizsa_triangle ).