View Full Version : Couple of brit tv series

2010-Oct-23, 02:43 PM
Happened to catch an episode of Branagh's Wallander, last weekend. Enjoyed it, turned out it was the final episode ("The Fifth Woman") of the second series. I'll keep my eyes peeled for future airings of earlier episodes. Surprisingly, it didn't seem too strange with all those brit accents in a swedish setting.

Caught the first two episodes of Chris Ryan's Strike Back, last night. I'll definately watch further episodes. Haven't read any of his fiction novels, have a copy of The One That Got Away, his account of the "Bravo Two Zero" team from the first Gulf War. Have also read Andy McNab's "Bravo Two Zero" , "Immediate Action" and the first four or five of his Nick Stone novels.

2010-Oct-26, 08:28 AM
I really like Wallander, but I prefer the Swedish version slightly. There have been several series of TV and movies based on this character in that country, with different actors, all fascinating. But Branagh's version is good too.

2011-Jan-08, 05:20 PM
Showcase has aired Sherlock, I thought it was good, an updated take on the character.

The latest one Showcase is airing is Luther, a psychological crime-drama. The first episode aired yesterday, I'll probably take in the remaining five episodes.