View Full Version : Moon Occults Mu Geminorum - October 27/28

2010-Oct-23, 11:19 PM
The 74% illuminated waning gibbous Moon will occult magnitude +2.9 Mu Geminorum for observers in portions of North America and Europe during the night of 2010 OCT 27/28. The southern graze path will pass across some US Plains and Midwestern states during the evening before crossing the Atlantic and passing through France and Italy in the early morning. Observers on that path will be able to witness the star winking on and off as lunar hills and valleys pass by. Those located north of that path will see a full occultation. There will be no northern graze path since it would be in outer space above the North Pole. Mu Geminorum’s apparent equatorial coordinates at the time of the event will be RA 06:23:38.9 and Dec N 22°30’26”.

I’ve created graze maps for both North America and Europe. I’ve also made a preview graphic with data for observers at Chicago’s Adler Planetarium. They can be seen by clicking http://www.curtrenz.com/astronomical and then going to the Moon page.

Photos and descriptions of the event would be welcome additions to this thread. If you would like occultation or graze data specifically for your location, then please reply to this post with a longitude, latitude, time zone and altitude above sea level.