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2010-Oct-25, 06:23 PM
G'Day Mate. Grab yourself a couple a hot shrimp off the barbie, and a frosted mug with some Foster's, and spin out under the inky Southern skies near Walk-About Creek......... evidently our aboriginal residents made some distinct visual observations of the old eruption of Eta-Carinae. Neat. Love this stuff. SEE:http://arxiv.org/ftp/arxiv/papers/1010/1010.4610.pdf


2010-Oct-25, 10:36 PM
Thank you for sharing that... fascinateing!

2010-Oct-26, 05:42 PM
Thank you for sharing that... fascinateing!

marsbug. You're welcome. Never know when a tidbit of information comes in handy.It's nice that the night sky holds fascination for so many cultures. When I do my limited observing, or introduce rookies to the circumpolar constellations, or a meteor shower....it's always a trip to see their reactions. :dance:pete

2010-Oct-26, 08:03 PM
Another thing that was striking from their summary was more examples of how different groups would divide the stars differently. The Boorong keyed strongly on near-equidistant lines of stars cutting across "our" constellations. Traditional Chinese constellations divide stars in what I would think of as natural groups quite differently, as do some of the few indigenous North American star patterns I know about. (Some of the people who lived very near here 800 years ago saw the southern half of or Orion as a celestial hand, assisting the souls of the dead on a journey from the horizon up the Milky Way). From our imaginations to the sky...