View Full Version : What product is "restorer's varnish"?

2010-Oct-31, 02:21 AM
A student of art conservation at the local university told me that parts of paintings can be restored with watercolors, pastels or "restorer's varnish". (These material are preferred because subsequent restorers can remove them easily.) But what product is "restorer's varnish"? I didn't find it at my favorite online art supply stores. I think it means more than simply a varnish that happens to be used by a restorer.

2010-Oct-31, 03:06 AM
They may be refering to ' Damar ' varnish , often used both in oil colour medium and as a final clear coat / sealer .

2010-Oct-31, 04:18 AM
If Damar varnish is used to retouch a painting, is it simple to distinguish and remove the retouching? I'm familiar with Damar varnish. I've always thought of it as the standard varnish for use with oil painting. Perhaps "restorer's varnish" is some kind of special mixture that has Damar varnish as an ingredient.

Edit: I found a product called "Winsor & Newton Conserv-art removable varnish" on the Dick Blick onine art supply site. It sounds like the type of varnish that was meant.

2010-Oct-31, 07:02 PM
Now That sounds like something a conservator would want. Removable without impact.
I'm sure that if I were employing it, I would carefully clean the painting , folled by drying and then apply varnish.
Read and research. That's how you get an education , ..... and the right results .

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2010-Nov-01, 03:50 AM
After exchanging emails with the student, I also found out that conservators prefer than restorers use special paints called "conservation paints" or "conservation colors". These paints remain soluble ( some in mineral spirits, some in ethanol) and so are easier to remove than normal oil paints. Some brand names that I found online ( at a site called talasonline) are "Gablin Conservation Colors", "Golden PVA Conservation Paints", "Golden MSA Conservation Paints" and "Maimeri Restauro Ketonic Resin Colours".