View Full Version : Can anybody wade through the math on this???

2004-Apr-16, 05:30 AM
I was doing some research into radiation pressure and came across this page (http://www.blazelabs.com/f-g-grp.asp) trying to link Gravity and Radiation Pressure. I'm pretty sure it also tried to claim that the speed of light was not constant.

Anyone here with better math: Is this a non-mainstream theory or just pure woo-woo?

2004-Apr-16, 06:47 AM
Another... person who claims more insight than they have. Describes G*c*K = 1, where K is his soi-disant "constant" which he describes as 50 (and what's so naturally special about 50 anyway), but is really approximately 50 kg*s^3/m^4. Ignore the units, multiply by some arbitrary quantity, and marvel at how the numbers come out the same! :o
See also: Ashmore's Paradox, in the "Tired Light Theory" thread. Basically the same abuse of numbers & dimensions.

2004-Apr-16, 07:20 AM
Thank you. I'll do that.

2004-Apr-16, 08:56 AM
Also, doesn't this person make a sign error in the beginning?

PR momentum = P1-(-P2) = (E1-(-E2))/c

You want the difference between the two radiation pressures that act on either side of the body, then I don't think you want to subtract -P2. Or maybe I don't understand his momentum.

2004-Apr-16, 03:24 PM
Yeah, this is junk. Aside from the arguments everyone else has made, the example he gives involving two masses a centimeter apart has a big sign error. The value he comes up with is in seconds, but G is in m^3/kg*s^2. They're not equal.

And what's so special about troughs anyway? Why not crests?

2004-Apr-24, 04:16 PM
the problem with the current Earth-Ling view of PHYSICS
to me
seams to be some preconcieved notion about "TIME" { little or BIG t,T}
and in my opinion all Logical Positivists seam to hold
some type of view in which TT or tt {ime}
flows equitably ( continiously ) in all dimensions (etc etc)
I suggest you try the following links


Disinfo Agent
2004-Apr-24, 04:45 PM
What dimensions are those?