View Full Version : Did anyone else see this Fireball?

2010-Nov-09, 05:26 AM
My wife and I spotted a fireball from Lithonia, Georgia ( a suburb southeast of Atlanta) about 7:40 pm ET on the night of November 7. As far as I could tell, we first spotted it about 45 or 50 degrees up from the horizon, and it exploded in a green flash about 20 degrees up. Magnitude...-10 maybe.

This is only my second fireball. My first was while I was driving an RV westward across New Mexico five years ago. At least I had a witness this time.

Eoanthropus Dawsoni
2010-Nov-09, 05:00 PM
Report it here: http://www.amsmeteors.org/fireballs.html

It may take him a day or two to post reports. It is quite likely that someone else saw the fireball and and will report, but it is also possible you may be the only one to post an observation. When I post a report I find it quite interesting to read who else saw it and how far away they were from my own location.

2010-Nov-10, 03:50 AM
Done. Thanks.