View Full Version : Thanksgiving Recipies Lost

William Thompson
2010-Nov-16, 02:58 AM
Years ago -- I am talking at least 5 years ago -- I saw television program that showed how to make some unusual spins on the traditional Thanksgiving recipes. I am fairly sure that the program must have been TBS's "Dinner and Movie" but there is a chance it might have been some other program.

The program had 3 or 4 unique recipes. They included an "Orange Turkey" and a "Pumpkin Mousse" and a kind of wild rice that was also special.

I want to recreate these today but Google has failed to produce the program or the recipes.

Any advice in finding these things?

2010-Nov-16, 03:03 AM
My wife has made a dish called pumpkin mousse a couple of times (it was great) though I don't know if it is the same as the one you are thinking of. She just went to bed, but I'll try to remember to ask her about it tomorrow evening - so you'll have to give me 24 hours.

This just in - I checked Foodnetwork.com and found this Ina Garten recipe (http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ina-garten/pumpkin-mousse-recipe/index.html) for it, and that might be the one (my wife likes her recipes).

William Thompson
2010-Nov-16, 03:31 AM
It would be pretty awesome if it just happened to be the same thing and she got the recipe from the same program.