View Full Version : What are you watching on Netflix - the Documentaries!

2010-Nov-16, 04:24 AM
Ok, Netflix has a great collection of Documentaries available for streaming, much better than when streaming launched..

Cosmos hooked me and I watched the dang whole thing in two days (even though I have the DVDs), and started consuming documentaries at an alarming rate. Today, I watched all three episodes of Discovery Atlas, which was pretty good. For some reason they interject "in 4D" or something to that effect on the title screen, but I can ignore that.

I am now so hooked, I am distressed when I have to turn off netflix to leave the house or bath. :)

Anyone one else streaming netflix docs?

2010-Nov-16, 04:27 AM
I have a few in my instant queue, but I haven't watched them lately. My boyfriend's going through Avatar on my player right now. He's on season two, I think.

2010-Nov-16, 04:29 AM
I have watched a few; many of them I've already seen when they aired on TV. IIRC, they have some NOVA's on there, for instance. I am glad, however, that there's more on Netflix's streaming list than fiction.

Ara Pacis
2010-Nov-16, 07:36 AM
I have mostly documentaries on my Netflix streaming queue. I prefer bluray discs for pretty pictures with surround sound.

Ronald Brak
2010-Nov-16, 07:55 AM
So netflix goes over the internet? We have something like that in Australia except it uses the postal system. It's faster than dial up, just very uneven. Once we start laying out large amounts of fibre optic cable for our National Broadband Network I imagine netflix and other companies will offer stuff online here.

2010-Nov-16, 06:14 PM
Not the entire Netflix catalogue is available on streaming--I'm currently watching a modernized, animated version of Dante's Inferno only available in the mail--but they're working on putting more of it up that way. To the extent that I recently laid out I think it was $60 for the player which lets my TV stream videos. I could've just bought an X-Box 360 or whatever, but since I wouldn't play games, the box which does only one thing was the smarter purchase.

Ronald Brak
2010-Nov-16, 11:37 PM
I can certainly understand just buying the box. I just checked the price of a new xbox in Australia and they're not cheap. Our dollars are almost equal but it appears we have to pay about 50% more than in the US.

Ara Pacis
2010-Nov-17, 04:49 AM
That's what you get for living on the other side of the planet. :D

2010-Nov-17, 10:18 PM
That's what you get for living on the other side of the planet. :D
Coriolis Effect, you know. They've got to reconfigure the drives so they spin the other way. :D

2010-Nov-19, 01:45 AM
We watch on the Wii. I have Cosmos queued up for tonight.
That Wii was the best 75.00 bucks I ever spent. The prior owners dog chewed the controls so none of the buttons worked. I took them apart and shaved off all of the little doggie teeth dents and it worked. Of course, they were a little "worn" so we eventually replaced them.