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2010-Nov-18, 06:43 PM
OK, I have a choice between 2 telescopes. This will be a gift for my kids for Christmas. I just want something basic to get them interested. The Celestron site does not tell you what or how well you can see objects. I want somehting that will give them good view of the moon and planets, and If I can also use it to see some galaxies or nebulas that would be a plus.

My choice is between the AstroMaster 76EQ or the PowerSeeker 114EQ. These are my only choices, please no other recommendatiobns. The AM 75 is more expensive, I guess because it is better made. But the PS 114 has more aperature, so my gut says to get the PS 114 (Aperature is king, right?). I don't know enough about what specs are more important and what they all mean.

What do you think?

AM 76 - http://www.celestron.com/c3/product.php?CatID=62&ProdID=424

PS 114 - http://www.celestron.com/c3/product.php?CatID=5&ProdID=500

Thanks for any advice.


2010-Nov-18, 07:53 PM
Since I consider scopes of other designs far better for kids and you are closed to anything but these two I can't help you.

I suggest you find an astronomy club in your area and talk to them where they can give you hands on experience and show you what's involved.


2010-Nov-18, 10:39 PM
I agree with Rick.. but being a rebel, I'm making a recommendation for another scope..


It's in the middle between the two prices and I think would be a better choice. But as between the two scopes you linked, I'd get the 116mm. The build quality is only cosmetically different and the larger aperture should give brighter images. The small refractor I linked is not too bad. Also, on the light-weight equatorial mount that all of these scopes are on, the refractor will be the easiest for a young person (or novice observer of any age) to keep on-target.



2010-Nov-19, 03:45 PM
Thanks, I went with the PS114. The reason I am limited to those 2, is that I am buying it with the shopping option to use up my frequent flyer miles. Those were the two best scopes I had available to me for my mileage range. Thanks again for your input.

2010-Nov-19, 11:22 PM
The following was originally posted by new member KidStuff but was mistakenly deleted out of concern for spamming. I am reposting it with apologies:

Ok... I'm associated with Telescopes.com - so I want to be upfront about that. From experience of selling these two models, the 114 EQ is easily our best seller - and the price is the same for both. The 114 EQ has 383 reviews - so there may be some helpful comments among them. http://www.telescopes.com/telescopes/celestron/8197+8198+8267+4295055991.cfm

Just trying to be helpful and learn some things while I'm here, so please don't flame.


The commerical connection between KidStuff and Telescopes.com caused just a bit of confusion among the moderators so I'll add these words of advice: please take care that this doesn't develop into an infomercial or otherwise violates rule 6. Otherwise, welcome to the BAUT forums KidStuff and thanks for the helpful post.

Jane Doe
2010-Nov-22, 08:29 PM
Go for the 76EQ as I'm betting its cheaper, but also might be more stable on the EQ mount.
And looks like it has an accessory tray (which few serious observers use), but which you may be glad of to start with.
I couldn't see anything about which accessories it has though...

The 114EQ is good too and will get you a better chance of galaxies, but to be perfectly honest neither of them are 'good' for galaxies.
The 114EQ should give brighter images than the 76EQ, but has no accessory tray.

Can you check them both out and see if either of them wobble badly when touched/knocked a little?