View Full Version : T-Dwarf Stars Finally Reveal Their Mysterious Secrets

2010-Nov-23, 01:20 PM
Astronomers have recently discovered an exotic star system which has shed some light on the mass and age of one of the systems rare stellar components. Using data from World’s largest optical telescope, the Very Large Telescope (VLT) in Chile, the team has had a new insight into the properties of the unusual T-dwarf stars. [...]

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2013-Feb-27, 03:37 PM
T- dwarf stars, if I recall correctly are mid mass brown dwarf stars, typically warmer than 1000 c, but that is because they are nearly invisable at lower temperatures except within a few light years from Earth. If brown dwarf stars are as numerious as visable stars = main sequence stars in our galaxy; there should be about 12 of them within about ten light years of Earth, but we have found zero that close, so perhaps our vicinity is annomolously poor in hot brown dwarf stars. Possibly the 200 is the total T - dwarf stars confirmed in our galaxy so far. Newly born brown dwarf stars are almost as viable as white dwarf stars which have about 30 times the density but are somewhat smaller diameter. Brown dwarf stars cool in about one billion years instead of the many billions of years it takes for white dwarf stars to cool to 500 c = 932f. Please correct, refute, or add details. Neil