View Full Version : Tenuous Oxygen Atmosphere Found Around Saturnís Moon Rhea

2010-Nov-26, 09:20 PM
A few years ago, astronomers thought they found wispy rings around Saturnís moon Rhea. Although the possibility of rings around this icy moon was later nixed, astronomers knew there was still something around Rhea that was causing a strange, symmetrical structure in the charged-particle environment around Saturnís second-largest moon. Now, new observations have shown something [...]

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2010-Nov-29, 12:59 AM
It seems reasonable at this conjecture to speculate that a significant portion of the oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere is primortal rather than strickly the results of photosynthetic processes. Our own magnetosphere has been anything but stable.

2010-Nov-29, 05:35 AM
Have you ever looked at the amount of oxygen generated by photosynthesis and compared it to the amount you could possibly get from solar particle flux?

You really ought to

2010-Nov-29, 06:39 AM
The discovery of O2 is not surprising, since Rhea is mostly ice...