View Full Version : Enceladus Fissures Keep Getting Warmer and More Complex

2010-Nov-30, 11:00 PM
As Cassini scientists await the data from today’s flyby of Enceladus, images and data from August of this year have provided more insight into the active fissures on the icy moon’s south polar region. These geyser-spewing fractures are warmer and more complicated than previously thought. “The exquisite resolution obtained on one segment of the Damascus [...]

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2010-Dec-02, 06:04 PM
The article gives the maximum tiger stripe temperature at the surface as 190 degrees kelvin. Thats approx -83 degrees celcius. By comparison the temperature at Vostok research base in antartica can drop to -89 degrees celcius or lower. Pretty warm for a moon once considered to be the coldest body in the solarsystem!

2010-Dec-02, 06:58 PM
These fissures — known as “tiger stripes,” appear to be laid on in a complex web, and could be connected underground.

I've always sort of figured that'd be the case.