View Full Version : True Grit: Don Alejo Garza

2010-Dec-02, 05:10 AM
Build a monument to this man:


He defended his property to the death against a Mexican drug cartel, and he took a lot of the bad guys with him. He was 77.

They gave him 24 hours to vacant his ranch as they would be taking it over. He told them he'd be waiting for them. They came, expecting an easy time of it. He killed four of them and wounded two others before they took him out. The rest ran off, apparently.

He put rifles and ammunition at every window and door in the house. The attackers had to use grenades to get him. They found the house riddled with bullets, and Don Alejo lying dead, body riddled with bullets and two rifles beside him.

I got choked up reading that.

2010-Dec-02, 07:53 AM
We now have a new enemy in this world. Something for the warriors.

2010-Dec-02, 09:49 AM
Reminds me of Nate Champion....

Although often portrayed as an outlaw, Champion was simply a small rancher, thus becoming a target of the large and powerful cattlemens association. His fame is derived mostly due to his heroic stand while his cabin was besieged

Champion held out for several hours, killing at least four of the vigilantes, and wounding several others. During the siege, Champion kept a poignant journal which contained a number of notes he wrote to friends while taking cover inside the cabin. "Boys, I feel pretty lonesome just now. I wish there was someone here with me so we could watch all sides at once." he wrote. The last journal entry read: "Well, they have just got through shelling the house like hell. I heard them splitting wood. I guess they are going to fire the house tonight. I think I will make a break when night comes, if alive. Shooting again. It's not night yet. The house is all fired. Goodbye, boys, if I never see you again."