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2004-Apr-21, 05:10 PM
To eburacum, did you use the software to design those planets according to your specifications?

And about Bolobo, is that some terraforming structure over the planet?

2004-Apr-21, 10:59 PM
I have used several types of software to design my own planets; I don't know what Anders Sandberg used, but his worlds are generally more accurate than mine.

Some useful on-line calculators for avoiding mathematical bloopers-
(thanks, Mike Wong!)

and Accrete
All of which have to be used with care and discretion, as the perfectplanetary generator has not yet been written.

The chaps at the Celestia forum are very knowledgable and helpful too, as is John Dollan, an Orion's Arm member and producer of the Planetary Classification list.

I am currently working on a hot-jupiter-like planet, a so-called 'Chthonian ' world;
this is a Jupiter sized object which has migrated towards its star due to friction with a very thick solar nebula in the early stages of its evolution.

Being extremely close to the star has caused the atmosphere to boil off until only a rocky core is left;

using Mr Wong's calculator I believe that such a remnant world would be approx 25000km in diameter, with a density of 7000kg/m3 and a gravity of 2.5 gee - temperature between 2000K on the hot side and 500k on the permanent dark side.

I call this world Sisyphos, by the way...

any comments before I finalise the details of this one?

2004-Apr-21, 11:21 PM
And Yes; Bolobo has a Worldhouse roof over the north and south hemispheres to keep the atmosphere in-

as it is quite close to its star, it is partly shielded by a parasol in the L1 position as well.

If you want to colonise a planet which is inhospitable, you need to use every technological trick available-
even then there is no guarantee of success...

2004-Apr-21, 11:27 PM
What exactly is Orions arm? I mean I have visited it but only briefly, is it a game? or what?

2004-Apr-21, 11:35 PM
It is a universe.

It has various RPGs in development,
and sim programs, novelettes and many short stories set in this scenario; but essentially it is simply a projection of our own universe ten thousand years into the future.
And it is a collaboration, so anyone can contribute (within the guidelines).

2004-Apr-22, 01:28 PM
hmm sounds interesting, I think I'll check it out in more detail today.