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2010-Dec-05, 12:19 AM
I am an avid gazer, and at approx. 7:00pm EST I was just looking up(of course) and in the southern sky about 45 d , I am in South Florida,USA, I witness a bright orange object,the size of Venus, slowly gain in brightness then after about 10-15 sec or so, started to fade,then it was gone. Now I am NOT someone who sees things and assumes, but,this I have never witnessed in my 51 years of life. It seemed like an explosion, but, far away. Now my only question to you folks is,did anyone else happen to see it, or happen to know what the heck it was? I do know that there are a few Sats situated in that area, but did not hear that one was to do a reentry..................................??

2010-Dec-05, 01:35 AM
Hi, xhawkx, welcome to BAUT.

I guessed Miami, FL as your location, which of course could be way off, but we've got to start somewhere :) Heavens Above (http://heavens-above.com/iridium.asp?lat=25.774&lng=-80.194&alt=2&loc=Miami&TZ=EST&Date=40516.0195601852&Dur=1) reports an Iridium flare (http://heavens-above.com/ShowFAQ.aspx?lat=0&lng=0&loc=Unspecified&alt=0&tz=CET&FAQID=402)around 7pm yesterday, almost due south, azimuth 28. Almost to close to be a coincidence.. But, Iridium flares depend a lot on precise location. Try to play around a bit with the Heavens Above website, pick your location as close as possible, and go to the Iridium Flares predictions pages. There is a "prev" button to look back at older predictions.