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2010-Dec-05, 03:14 PM
Why I like my iPhone, because I can do the following:

- phone, take photos, take videos

- if I am with friends, and we are discussing a scientific topic, I can quickly reference Wikipedia

- if I am walking in city I have never been in before, gps shows me where I am, and where I parked my car.

- if I am waiting somewhere, I can get a quick news update accessing CNN

- when I am working out, and need to quickly know exercise for a particular muscle group, I access Gym Free

- when my doctor asks me for information on my blood pressure, iBody allows me to show him graphically how it is developing

- when I am hiking and think it might start raining, I access iWeather.ch, and can see a precipitation radar map over the last hour to see if it is coming towards me

- again, I am waiting, and with iChess, can play a quick game of chess

- keep track of all of our friend’s birthday’s with the Birthdays app, which notifies me on time

- a friend at dinner mentions where he lives in Norway, we quickly zoom in using Google Earth

- I hear a melody I like somewhere, I use the Shazaam app to find out the name of the melody and the singer

- I see an stellar object in the sky and want to know what it is, I point my iPhone with the Star Walk app at it, and it tells me the name of the ojbect.

- Am hiking with friends, and we are not sure of the name of a mountain, I point my iPhone with Swisspeaks at the mountain, and it tells me the name.

- Want to track the results of a tennis tournament, I access Tennislive and get all of the actual scores live

- A friend is searching for an apartment, I use the application Properities, and it shows me on a map the location of apartments for rent. Click on an icon and get all the relevant information.

- Managed to lose weight using the Tap and Track app, which tells me how many calories I can consume (I enter my specs, my sports activity daily), it tells me how many calories I am consuming based on what I enter

- Am traveling and want to know what the traffic situation is, I access the application Swisstraffic, and see where there are queues to avoid.

- Am in a town I am not familiar with and want to find a good restaurant, Tripadvisor app gives me recommendations.

- Want to buy some electronic product, sports equipment, dvd etc. Access the Toppreise app and it tells me where I can get the best price deal.

- Need to get a train schedule, I access the Swiss SBB application for the schedule.

- I need a telephone number, I access the Swiss telephone directory.

- Am visting friends, and see a book I am interested in. Order it on my iPhone with Amazon app.

Thing is I can do all of this anytime anywhere, since I always have my iPhone (or any equivalent smart phone) with me.

Am sure that Gillianren will still not like it....:lol:

2010-Dec-06, 04:37 PM
And when the battery dies you are left with a feeling like you don't know what to do... :)

2010-Dec-06, 04:54 PM
My fincee (now my wife, as of Nov. 26) added me to her plan last August and upgraded both of us to a Blackberry Storm 2 (all touchpad -- no keyboard). Before that I had a plain old voice/text only cell phone. Two weeks after I got used to all the new features, I proclaimed, "I don't know how I ever lived without this thing!"

I use mine as an broadband modem for an internet connection wherever there is a 3G cell site nearby. I have recently moved to a rural area of New Mexico (fantastic dark skies, btw) too far out for DSL or even cable modems, so the 3G modem is the only way we can get internet.

One application I have is a traffic density indicator. I have declared several common routes I take (to work, to home, to airport, etc.). Based on the selected route and my GPS location, the application logs on to the highway department site and pulls up the information for traffic density along the route displaying: green for full-speed, yellow for slow traffic, red for very slow traffic and dark red for accident locations. If I see red, I consider an alternate route.

One drawback: On a recent trip to the northwest my family and I were driving some backroads at night and my dad was uncertain of the route, even though he had driven the same route many times previous, but always in daylight. I tried to pull up Google maps, but there was no cell-phone tower nearby. (Dad's memory and sense of directions proved correct.) Smart phones are only as good as the smart phone network that supports them.

2010-Dec-06, 05:14 PM
I have a Blackberry Curve. Although I have all the email functionality, browser, etc, if it got lost or damaged the only thing I would be S.O.L about is the address book in it. I don't rely on anything else in it. I have seen too many other people at my work have their Iphone, blackberry, palm pilot, etc die on them and the are completely lost without it. It's like the completely forgot how to do anything without it. It always reminds me of when I was management for the electronics department at a local store. We had a woman come in completely panicked because she couldn't get into her car and she had a cart load of groceries that she had to take home. The battery had died in the keyfob that unlocked her car doors. I checked and we had the battery and as I was replacing it for her I asked if she tried the key. She got this shocked, embarrassed look on her face and I instantly knew that she didn't. She had become so accustomed to using the remote that she was lost without it and forgot that she could use the key to get into her car.

Unfortunately my step-son is becoming the same way. Not long ago he broke the LCD screen on his cell phone. About two weeks later I tried calling him and it was turned off. When I asked him why, he said that with the screen is broken he can't use it anymore because he can't see who is calling him, and he can't see the numbers come up when he's dialing the phone. It wasn't that long ago that our home phone didn't have a display that showed the numbers you were calling. I mean, come on. I got his phone fixed, but it was to the point he was ready to throw it in the garbage.

2010-Dec-06, 05:26 PM
Ah, yes, almost forgot: I have my SaiSuke agenda synch with the Google agenda on my PC, so both copies are identical. :)
Also, I execute backups via iTunes a couple of times a week.

2010-Dec-06, 05:38 PM
My fincee (now my wife, as of Nov. 26) ...

I tried to pull up Google maps, but there was no cell-phone tower nearby. (Dad's memory and sense of directions proved correct.) Smart phones are only as good as the smart phone network that supports them.

First, congratulations!

Second, it's also only as good as it's source.

A friend invited me to her house, giving me the address. Not knowing the area that well, I pulled it up on Google Maps. According to them, she lives directly across the street from a pizza place.

I asked her about this. She said there is a pizza place, but it's in the shopping center at the main road intersection with her street... eight blocks away.

2010-Dec-06, 05:47 PM
Ya, according to Google Maps my house is in the playground down the block.

2010-Dec-08, 02:42 PM
Why I like my iPhone, because I can do the following:

I like my phone because:

1. It makes phone calls
2. The battery lasts about a week
3. Er...

2010-Dec-08, 03:05 PM
... 3. It's very old, so it fits very easily in my pocket and doesn't "butt dial".

2010-Dec-08, 03:07 PM
AH, yes. That's the one!

2010-Dec-09, 05:32 PM
Thats one thing I've never really done is carried my cell in my pocket. I've seen too many damaged phones, also it's uncomfortable.

2010-Dec-09, 05:38 PM
I carry mine in my pocket because I really don't want to look like I am wearing a utility belt...

2010-Dec-09, 05:40 PM
I'm a computer geek.. I'm ok with that look. My wife keeps bugging me that she's going to buy me a pocket protector.

2010-Dec-09, 06:32 PM
Thats one thing I've never really done is carried my cell in my pocket. I've seen too many damaged phones, also it's uncomfortable.
It depends on the phone. I've had my current one for over 7 years and it's still going strong. It was the height of "how small can we make them?".
It's not much bigger than my car's remote.
My previous one got banged up even more because it was on my belt. Things kept bumping into it and occasionally knocking it off. (or more likely I bumped into things.)

2010-Dec-09, 07:36 PM
Actually, in this thread we are not talking about cellphones, we are talking about small universal access devices...

2010-Dec-09, 07:49 PM
But mine has the word "phone" in it... :)

2010-Dec-09, 07:55 PM
But mine has the word "phone" in it... :)

Yes, but is it smart?:cool:

2010-Dec-09, 08:00 PM
The best comic I ever saw about that shows two guys, the first describing all the things he can do with his phone, the list getting smaller and smaller text (meaning going on and on). The second panel shows the second guy hold his phone up saying "I can telephone people and TALK to them".

2010-Dec-09, 08:03 PM
I enjoy having my new Android phone. Though I've said, more than once, that it's great for everything except making phone calls. The shape, size, and touch-face interface make it awkward to use. And I've actually had the "phone app" crash on me . . . which I thought was amusing. "My phone requires a phone app? And it can crash?"

2010-Dec-09, 08:04 PM
Yes, but is it smart?

Only as smart as the user, so no. :)