View Full Version : Pokemon Black Or Pokemon White?

2010-Dec-08, 06:55 AM
If anyone has knowledge on what Pokemon is then feel free to post so anyways is anyone excited that both of these games are going to hit America's shores by March of Next Year? Because I'm sure am thinking about pre-ordering it January of next year. So which pokemon game does people think is better Black or White? Also to note that both are Yin-Yang pokemon legendaries Zekrom for White and Reshiram for Black.

2010-Dec-09, 05:38 PM
My youngest is into Pokemon. So is it a wii game or it is a gameboy?

2010-Dec-09, 06:03 PM
It's for the DS.

It's always a hard choice, and this time it is harder, because there is more than just the Pokemon that are different. Some of the locations are different between versions (eg, White Forest vs Black City).

I have a leaning towards Reshiram - because I am a sucker for Fire types. However, I prefer the look of Zekrom.

Decisions, decisions.

2010-Dec-09, 06:10 PM
Ya most of the time the different versions are exactly the same (Ruby, Diamond, Pearl, etc) except the type of creatures you can capture.

2010-Dec-10, 05:04 AM
That is why I'm thinking about preordering white because for one there is white forest where you can catch Magby, Elekid and other rare pokemon can be caught since I'm a sucker for rare ones of course :P and also the fact the Both Magby and Elekid evolve into their final evolutions of Magmortar and Electivire. Of course I'm forgetting that you can catch Rhyhorn in White forest to which its final Evolution is particularly my favorite out of all the rock types out there which is Rhyperior.

Maha Vailo
2010-Dec-13, 10:34 AM
I'd be tempted to preorder both, if you're having such a hard time deciding.

- Maha "dreaming in black and white" Vailo

2010-Dec-15, 06:30 AM
Oh man I just read up about the DSi features saying that when played on a Nintendo DSi it will have video chat and other things as well, good for me though because I have a Nintendo DSi on me and its Blue colored :D.