View Full Version : About The New Expanded Rules On Language.

2010-Dec-16, 04:32 AM
Hey! This isn't fair!

For instance there is just no way to properly describe the Inspector Clouseau manuever I just this moment pulled, tripping over a LAN cable and knocking over not one, but two video game storage towers and spilling the contents across my livingroom, at a time when I'm having a carpal tunnel flare up so bad I can't even make a fist, without the use of implied colorful language!

It's just a boring :silenced: anecdote then!

2010-Dec-16, 05:02 AM
BD, I don't think you can tell a boring anecdote, no matter what the language rules are.

But there is actually no significant changes in our language rule, it was just a little word-smithing, to make it read a little better.

2010-Dec-16, 09:17 AM
...and you can keep your filth for the Gardening and Aquarium forums!

I hear those people are rough...