View Full Version : Solving the Mystery of Dark Gamma Ray Bursts

2010-Dec-17, 07:00 PM
Unraveling the mystery of Gamma Ray Bursts (GRBs) is a story filled with international intrigue, fantastic claims, serious back-tracking, and incremental improvements in our understanding of the true nature and implications of the most energetic, destructive forces in the Universe. New results from a team of scientists studying so-called “dark gamma-ray bursts” have firmly snapped [...]

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2010-Dec-18, 06:45 PM
Fraser. Thank You. "Intervening dust exaggerates the effect at high redshift." That's particularly interesting, because that's exactly what is needed to extinguish the magnitudes of your standard candle type 1a supernovae used to claim the acceleration of the universe by "dark energy" in the studies by Riess and Perlmutter and widely proclaimed by Michael Turner. :naughty:That now looks suspect, returning the universe to one governed by expected conservation laws. :clap: If you don't like the latest ideas in astronomy, just wait a few years. pete