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William the Conqueror
2002-Apr-24, 12:42 PM
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Quote: "The Truth Is Out There... or at least it would be if there was an "out there"

NASA have admitted, after years of heated debate and speculation, that Yes they did indeed fake the Moon landings. And moreover, it seems that the Moon itself was a hoax, which was earlier today revealed as being a large silver balloon tethered to the Earth.

And as if this wasn't shocking enough, a NASA spokesman went on to add insult to injury by telling a stunned public that, "Not only were there no moon landings, and no moon to land on in the first place, but there is no such thing as Space. We just made it up for a laugh. We were surprised that people were taken in by it all. We never thought anyone would seriously fall for it. We've been laughing ourselves silly in private for years."

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