View Full Version : Random game plug- World of Tanks

Mister Earl
2010-Dec-21, 02:49 PM
For those of you bored with your current computer games, or are looking for one for someone else, here is one I dug up a little while ago.


"World of tanks". Kind of MMO-ish. There's three nations' tanks, roughly from the earliest types up towards the end of the second world war. There's five kinds of tanks. You have light, medium, heavy, self-propelled gun, and tank killers. That's a lot of tanks! The Russians, for example, have I think about 31 available.

Anyway, when you start out, you're given the bottom-barrel light tank from each nation for free. Even if you are destroyed, it is repaired for free. Ammunition has to be paid for, and there are a couple of options depending on your gun system. As you play with each tank, after each match, depending on how well yourself and your team did, you will be given both money and research points. There's a tech tree for each nation, and a subtree for each tank. You can research better engines, tracks, turrets, guns, radio systems, and the next tank along the tree for that nation. You also get a crew with each tank that you can develop as well. For example, when you buy a new tank, as with your starting tanks, you are given a crew to man it free of charge. The skills for each member of the crew starts at 50%. As you play matches with that tank, that will slowly increase. You can pay in-game currency to train that crew member to 75% (worth it, if you're planning on using that tank a while!) to speed things along, or you can use the "gold" currency to get them to 100% right away. (When the game launches, this will be a free-to-play game with a microtransaction store. The gold is the currency you pay for) Once a crewman reaches 100%, he can then train in other skills, like camouflage, firefighting, triage for injured crewmen, and the like.

Ok, game mechanics. I like how this game has put everything together. It all plays very nice and realistically. Tanks have an aiming cone that reduces the longer you sit still, up to a point, giving you more accuracy. A better trained gunner aims in quicker and tighter, of course. If you drive into some bushes and wait and don't move (Not even the turret!) you will become invisible at longer ranges. (Here's a good piece of coding: Say someone tries to write a wallhack / aimbotting style cheat. It'll be ineffective, since the way the game runs, the server itself stops sending the other team's client info about where your tank is, until someone finds you!) If you're in a bush, and have another bush in front of you, then you won't see incoming tanks until they're very close, either. However! If another team member sees a tank ahead of you, and you're both within radio range of each other, then the tank will be visable to you, and you can fire on him. From his point of view, he's getting shot at by someone he can't see.

Ok, self propelled guns: Big old cannons in small tank like chassis without a turret. Their whole purpose is in killing tanks. When you aim in on a target, your entire chassis has to turn. They are very accurate at longer range, and can do considerable damage when hitting. They're kind of like the snipers of the game. And the SPGs are plain old artillery. Here's something pretty neat... if a SPG user hits space, they instead get a top-down view of the battlefield, which makes it easier to fire on targets. They get an aiming cone as well, of course, and aren't perfectly accurate, just like everyone else.

All in all, it's a pretty good time. You gotta apply for the beta, but they always seem to get you a key same-day, so you can get in pretty quickly. Just thought I'd let you folks know about it, in case tank-games might be fun for you.