View Full Version : Is this game any good? [Space Shuttle and Apollo Simulator]

2010-Dec-22, 07:12 AM
Space Shuttle and Apollo Simulator (http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/contact-sa-space-shuttle-simulator-and-apollo-simulator-07272678-pdt.html)

Who doesn't want to play astronaut? But how extensive is it? It is good for learning about dealing with orbital mechanics. If you're just following a narrow set of tasks, it won't be much opportunity for the budding astrodynamicist to spread his engine bells. Also, they say they feature functional cockpits, but I've had that disappointment before with Flight Simulator X. It was useful for familiarisation with G-1000 and the graphics weren't that much better than Flight Simulator 2004.

2010-Dec-22, 07:40 AM
If you want a space shuttle simulator I would go with:

Its free as well, and has a lot of different things you can do with it.