View Full Version : Is there anyone else here who's applying to astrophysics grad schools soon?

2010-Dec-24, 12:55 AM
Just wondering. I'm trying to find communities that also might have undergrads who are interested in applying to astrophysics grad school, but there aren't that many (Physics Forums, physicsGRE, college confidential, reddit.com/r/astro [and other astro subreddits], and the now-defunct phdcomics proceedings). Most of the undergrads in my institution aren't as into the process as I am, so I don't fraternize with them that well.

2010-Dec-24, 08:23 PM
Some people on this forum are members of astrophysics grad schools from the other side -- the side that will be receiving applications from undergraduates like you. Are there any questions we might be able to answer for you about the application process?

2011-Jan-03, 04:00 PM
How about, "just finished?"