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2010-Dec-28, 10:20 PM
If you’re finding the time to watch a few movies during the holidays, you might want to make your choices based on this “report card” put together by the website io9 a while back. They rated 18 movies based on how many laws of physics they mangled. Star Trek is not included just because there [...]

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Paul Beardsley
2010-Dec-28, 10:52 PM
Hmm, rather poor show on the part of the person who compiled the report card.

Solaris falls foul of the "all planets have Earth gravity" problem. Huh? Besides Earth, we see exactly one other planet. And considering the space station is in orbit, and the gravity is artificial (it is switched off at one point), it's not exactly an insightful observation.

Sound in space is only a problem if characters can actually hear it. Otherwise it's no more a "mistake" than a longshot of a car when we can hear the conversation taking place inside the car.

"All planets have one climate planet-wide." Yes, Star Wars had ice planets and jungle planets, but some of the others were only set in a limited number of locations.

Ronald Brak
2010-Dec-28, 10:55 PM
2001 has the most realistic depiction of exposure to vacuum I can think of while they missed the fact that in the Star Wars movies people walk around in an open tunnel on an asteroid just wearing face masks.

2010-Dec-29, 11:38 AM
I was going to say the same thing about 2001 on the UT page, but "mrT" beat me to it (and provided a nice reference to experiments concerning exposure to vacuum.)
Not convinced there were any 'slow motion' errors in 'zero G' shown in 2001, either.