View Full Version : January New Moon Spotting

2010-Dec-29, 05:00 PM
On January 4th some lucky observers may have an opportunity to spot the New Moon while it is less than a day old. The Dark Moon will be in geocentric longitudinal conjunction with the Sun on 2011 JAN 04 at 09:03 UT (03:03 CST). For Europe, North Africa and the Near East it will result in a partial solar eclipse. From North America, only those in the far west may want to consider searching for the Moon after sunset on the 4th. The challenge that evening may be more realistic for observers on Pacific islands, Australia and the Far East where the date will be January 5th. The rest of us will likely have to wait until later on the 5th.

Iíve made a graphic previewing the west-southwestern sky from San Francisco after sunset on January 4th. Another one shows the view from Chicagoland on January 5th. They should well serve most North American observers. They can all be seen by clicking: http://www.curtrenz.com/astronomical then going to the Moon page.

Also on my Moon webpage is a panorama of all Dianaís Bows in 2011. Thatís a waxing crescent Moon about 10% illuminated and aged about three days. The name is a reference to the archery equipment of the ancient Roman goddess of the Moon and hunting. Thereís a similar graphic for waning crescent Moons.

Photos and descriptions of the January New Moon would be welcome additions to this thread. Please include the date, time, time zone and location. Good Luck!

Below is a photo I took from Arlington Heights, Illinois after sunset on 2008 DEC 28 of a 1.5-day-old Moon with Venus at the top and Mercury in the center.