View Full Version : interesting description of a CME in an online article about the solar cycle

2010-Dec-29, 09:31 PM
This article (http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20101229/sc_afp/sciencespacesuntelecoms) about predictions of the sun emerging from its solar minimum seems to me to be accurate in its description. I'm sure we can nitpick it to death if we want. The main reason for this post is the "poetic" description of what a CME is :

At its angriest, the Sun can vomit forth tides of electromagnetic radiation and charged matter known as coronal mass ejections, or CMEs.

That is more interesting than the typical explanation.

2010-Dec-30, 02:31 AM
Overall I thought it a good article. Light on the "death from above - end of civilization" stuff, and actually gave examples. And vomiting tides of EM radiation is a funny idea. Maybe we could get the sun some Pepto?