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2010-Dec-31, 04:20 PM
Are you among the thousands of amateur astronomers who received a green laser pointer for Christmas and are a bit afraid to take it out of the box? Do the words “You’ll put your eye out.” ring in your head? Like you, I have a green laser point… and I’ve accidentally shot myself in the [...]

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2011-Apr-11, 08:45 PM
Green Laser Pointers... It would seem that 'stupid' and 'stupid does' are going to bring a aircraft down... and we the astronomicle community are getting a little worried that we are in the line of sight of the offending idiots whom do this sort of thing.
Green laser pointers are very handy tools for pointing into the dark sky. Optically the green shows where as the red does not. Theres even a application of a finder attached directly to the scope and used as a pointer. It works very well on a dobi.
The NEWS here in NZ is today reporting a incident above Auckland City when a pilot was zapped by some idiot while on finals.
Arrest and charge the fool ASAP... a criminal conviction might discourage the fool.
We can all well imagine the confusion as the interior of a cockpit is turned green and reflective elements distract a pilot while lining up for a landing... With 300 or so people on board the pilot has my sympathy and support...
As active astronomy buffs we can do more to educate our members of this risk of such foolishness. A little concerned, Mark

2011-Apr-11, 10:06 PM
Fortunately, laser pointers are allowed only between dusk and midnight at the star party I usually attend (Table Mtn. Star Party). There's a beginner class that covers identifying constellations at the star party; the instructor is allowed to use a green laser but he's done before midnight. They are handy for showing a group of newbies where stuff is, though using one of those star wheels that show the constellations instead of a laser pointer isn't too difficult.