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2011-Jan-03, 06:53 PM
got 100,000 men and 20 years?

see attached image for a basic principle.

2011-Jan-03, 07:35 PM
Yes..... and how do you think that a fulcrum will be elevated to over 600 feet high , and it then follows, hoist a beam , a very substantial beam
to a balance point upon that mighty fulcrum ? Not to mention the precarious sling which will embrace those several millions of blocks , which are ponderously heavy. Yes..... heavy for their weight .
This has been an entertaining subject for the ages .
Piece of cake for a modern piece of I-beam .

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2011-Jan-03, 07:41 PM
there wouldn't be just one fulcrum "elevated to over 600 feet high"

it would be a process achieved in stages, with each stage raising a block one level

2011-Jan-03, 07:43 PM

What are you proposing here? From the looks of the thread so far, you shouldn't have posted this in the ATM forum.

2011-Jan-03, 07:47 PM
fine, delete this one too

2011-Jan-03, 07:55 PM
Thread closed...sort of by OP request.


If you're not proposing a conspiracy theory and wish to continue this thread in another forum, such as Off Topic Babbling, let me know and I can move it for you.