View Full Version : the first *real* picture of the martian sky

2004-May-02, 07:31 PM
i've been waiting for a long time for a picture like this:

All pictures (including Viking and Pathfinder) of the martian sky published so far only show a
relatively small "stripe" of sky near the horizon
I've always wondered about the *real* impression/color one would get
actually standing on the martian surface and looking straight into the sky ...
My suspicion always was that the sky must be almost black except for
a small (maybe 10 or 20 degrees) light toned dust stripe along the horizon ... and one would be able to see the stars at daytime !

Now look at the image linked above!

(don't know if it's acciedentally showing
more of the sky *away* from the horizon... neverthheless its most
interesting to see the sky farther away from the horizon as usual)

Question: which is the bright star in the upper left portion of the image ?
could this possibly be the Earth ?

2004-May-02, 07:46 PM
You wouldn't be able to see the stars during the daytime unless you shielded your eyes from the sun and the bright surface and allowed them a bit of time to adapt.

2004-May-02, 09:36 PM
I did a colorized version (based on similar color photos taken by the pancam )


one of my favorite MER images, so far :)

2004-May-03, 03:16 PM
Nice and impressive.

It does seem to be a bit too red compared to other "true color" images of the same region.

This is the most sky I have seen to date from MER.