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2011-Jan-24, 12:21 AM
For better nutrition, I've stopped eating carbs for dinner and only eat the bread-group for Breakfast or Lunch.

He's my eating habits.

Breakfast: 2 pancakes or ego-waffles with butter and syrup, 2 eggs, 2-4 four sausages and maybe 1-2 hash-brown patties.
Lunch: Spaghetti out of the can, Top Ramen, hotdogs, left-overs; if I get up late and make breakfast around noon, lunch is skipped.
Dinner: Meat and veggies only. Last night I had about a pound of broccoli and two pork-chops: the night before, I had a pound of crab-legs and half a bag of frozen spinach.

I've gained weight since I got back from **.As.

Here was my diet in Argentina:

Deseyuna: 2 eggs, and a few medialunas.
Lunche: Usually fruit like bananas and sometimes a lomoito (steak sandwhich) or empanadas.
Cena: A steak, a salad or over fresh veggies and sometimes carbs like pasta.

When I got there, I was about 200lbs. A scale in Mar del Plata said I was 170 a month later. A scale in **.As. my last week there said I was about 190lbs. Now, I am 210lbs.

Am I eating right?
What are the benefits or costs for not eating the bread-group for dinner?

2011-Jan-24, 02:03 AM
Am I eating right?

No, it doesn't "sound" like you are eating right and have gained 40 pounds.
You are consuming way too much sodium and fat from sausage, hash browns, butter, canned spaghetti, Top Ramen, hot dogs...

Why can't you eat now like you were in Argentina?

2011-Jan-24, 03:41 AM
Hey, cut back on meat and butter! If you insist on meat, get the REAL MEAT", not possessed ones.
You need more veggie in Breakfast, too.
You do eat a bit excessive, too!