View Full Version : Art Bell and C2C...

2011-Jan-27, 06:07 AM
Guys: According to George Noory, Art has severed his relation to C2C...No other comments were given, and no explanation as well....I have checked the usual suspects, but found nothing posted yet.


2011-Jan-27, 07:27 AM
Probably in his best interests.

I haven't heard what he used to be like, but he sounded like he didn't buy into most of their wild topics of discussion last time I heard him do a fill in show. Insanity is a deep abyss, he's better off sunbathing in the Philippines.

2011-Jan-27, 02:59 PM
I'm sure its a conspiracy.


2011-Jan-28, 12:51 AM
Swift: I agree, a "conspiracy" for sure....I liked Art because he did not buy the baloney, he just let them carry on....George is now unlistenable to me..he agrees with most of the guests a great part of the time, but he has at least, canned some of them, like Sean David Morton...Now if he could develop a critical faculty......;)


2011-Jan-30, 05:39 AM
Fellows: I have found out it was Frank Knapp who was talking, I should have paid attention!! The parting was over some argument with 911 conspiracy nuts....