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2011-Jan-29, 05:02 AM
"Big" means those games that take hours or days to "master" or "complete".
RPG games are usually meant to be played once (a single story line or so).
Honestly, when I was playing games, it often took away a good chunk of many days for much more constructive activities, such as cleaning up and other things; it also meant less attentions on more crucial activities.
Than one day, I found virtual killings (which is the major part of most RPG and strategy games) distasteful, and any achievements on these games are purely digital data.
Yet the bigger thing is that no games are nearly as intriguing and intricate as real life.
Just a metaphor: A sharp chef knife in real life is much more useful than any mythical weaponries on the computer. (Than again, no killing, just cooking.)
Anyway, I like classical music CDs today and threw away all the games I had.

Paul Beardsley
2011-Jan-29, 08:55 AM
Interesting post.

I've never played a big RPG for the reasons you give, but I will happily get engrossed in an adventure that involves exploring and problem-solving. (Killing is optional; I prefer it if there isn't too much of it, although I must admit I enjoyed killing whole armies in the Uncharted games.)

Back when I played games like Quake, I'd come away with an empty feeling, but I don't tend to get this with adventures. Last couple of games I played (Uncharted 2 and Silent Hill 0rigins), I came away with the same feeling I get when I've read a particularly satisfying novel. It helps matters that I play the games with my wife - the collaboration aspect makes it very enjoyable, and even less of a waste of time!

We also go months without playing any games, then play one or two intensely. This means we find the time to do other things too, such as visit the Canaletto exhibition in London at the beginning of the year. Oh, and I'm planning on getting into classical music properly too. Full works rather than the bits I know from films...

captain swoop
2011-Jan-29, 11:27 AM
I play Thief a lot, all 3 of them the graphics are a bit dated but as most of it is in the dark you don't notice so much. Thief 2 'The Metal Age' has to be one of the best games ever produced.

It is very immersive, there are hundreds of very good fan missions all in the spirit and timeline of the originals.

Best thing is you don't kill anyone. You can but it's discouraged by the gameplay and spirit of the game.

All thinking and strategy. You can spend ages just working out what to do next, hiding and observing the comings and goings of the guards, listening to conversations and trying to work out where those footsteps you can hear are going. Then when you think you have it worked out dash a few yards across that brightly lit passageway or alley and try to ge tthrough a door before that guard comes back round and the one inside comes back into the room.

2011-Jan-30, 02:27 PM
There's a talk scheduled for the GDC this year that covers the in-development Thief's (So, 4?) dynamic music creator; it sounds like basically the game will generate custom music on-the-fly to match what's currently going on in game. Sounds really cool.

I haven't played 'Theif' since the first one, but only because every time a new one has come out, it's been beyond the specs of whatever machine I had at the time.

captain swoop
2011-Jan-30, 05:09 PM
Thif 3 was OK but compramised to get it onto an X-Box. Maps are sliced up int osections to fit the memory and you can kill guards etc without sanction. In the original two games there were some levels where no killing was allowed even on 'easy' other levels allowed 1 or 2 kiilings max and the hardest setting dosn't even allow you to knock people out it has all to be dome by sneaking.

THief 3 had a good plot and weas very atmospheric. ALl 3 of them have a common setting and some of the characters and locations are the same.
Music is subtle and adds to 'mood' It can't be too loud as you have to listen to the sounds around you to play properly. Direction of footsteps, dialogue, doors opening and such are important. Ambient sounds are good as well all adding to the atmosphere of sneaking around a populated city at night.

If you want to play one get Thief 2 the Metal Age it has by far the best story and the maps are great.

2011-Feb-01, 07:00 AM
Fazor, if you want them they're still available in a fairly recent set that includes all three. Run fine on modern computers too. (well, #2 needed a little tweaking but nothing too bad)