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2011-Jan-29, 03:03 PM
I've heard and even seen it before used in different shows but don't know what it exactly means, I do know what a sentient being is and that is intelligent life capable of technology but a Hyper-Sentient would be type 2 civilization wouldn't?

2011-Jan-29, 03:49 PM
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A sentient being who had too much coffee? :D

Ara Pacis
2011-Jan-29, 03:56 PM
a Q with ADHD, see "Trelane".

hyper-sentient means whatever you want it to mean. Sentient means perceiving or feeling, so perhaps it means something that has ESP/psi abilities of some sort. It doesn't necessarily mean smarter, as that word would more properly be sapient.

2011-Jan-29, 06:32 PM
Ok now I'm confused I thought sentient meant intelligent life or being but as in the word Hyper-sentient as you described having those sort of abilities. Something else comes to mind as it reminds me of those Reaper machines from Mass Effect. They were Hyper-Sentient beings that you could stay in a frozen stasis for millions of years outside the Milky Way galaxy. That is the only thing I could thing I could think of for a hyper-sentient being.

2011-Feb-01, 07:30 AM
I would suggest that the princess in the princess and the pea was a hyper-sentient being.

2011-Feb-01, 07:46 AM
Um... ok :P.

2011-Feb-01, 08:52 AM
Ok now I'm confused I thought sentient meant intelligent life"Sentient" is typically used at least in science fiction for an intelligent (ca. human grade/Turing Level 1 or higher) lifeform. Like Ara P. notes, the better term for this would be "sapient", 'cuz it strongly appears like almost all vertebrates of Earth (including but not limited to mammals) should be classified as "sentient" at least in a broad sense of the word. Sapient would be a step above that in regards to symbolic information processing capability mostly.

Hypersentient is not as widely used and so it's even more vaguely defined. Which means it indeed can mean pretty much whatever the user of the word wants it to mean.

Here are relevant definitions used by Orion's Arm, including hypersentience:

Here's a bit more serious but not necessarily at all more convincing take on the subject:

2011-Feb-01, 12:45 PM
I would suggest that the princess in the princess and the pea was a hyper-sentient being.
So that makes me a hyper-sentient being, especially when half awake.:)
A single poppy seed will be enough to keep me awake until I find and remove it and in the morning even the lightest tough feels painful and can trigger an avoidance reaction which tends to be misunderstood as rejection by whomever I was sharing the bed with.:(