View Full Version : Astronomy Without A Telescope Gravity Probe B

2011-Jan-29, 11:30 PM
There’s a line out of an early episode of The Big Bang Theory series, where Gravity Probe B is described as having seen ‘glimpses’ of Einstein’s predicted frame-dragging effect. In reality, it is not entirely clear that the experiment was able to definitively distinguish a frame-dragging effect from a background noise created by some exceedingly [...]

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2011-Jan-30, 10:51 PM
The experiment succeeded. The results were not what was expected. It is possible - even likely - that the experimental error was greater than expected; but this is not the only possibile answer. So far, ground-based attempts to measure gravitational waves have reached expected levels of sensitivity, but have not found gravitational wave signatures in the expected frequency ranges. It might be bad luck, it might be bad theory.