View Full Version : Simulated Mars Mission Arrives in Simulated Orbit

2011-Feb-03, 06:00 PM
Six men from Europe, Russia and China on a 520-day mock mission to Mars, have now reached the point in their mission where they have arrived ‘in orbit’ of Mars. Mars500, the first full-duration simulation, is like a real Mars mission, where the crew has been in isolation, living and working like astronauts, eating special [...]

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2011-Feb-15, 06:00 AM
Having arrived... this was on our 6 pm news tonight... and then they ( the Network ) made a snide remark about feeding the conspiracy believers hunger... :razz: I feel pity and amusement... despite being told of this program they still.... Oh, I give up.
I wonder if they saw Nubaru on its way in....