View Full Version : How To See NanoSail-D From Your Own Backyard

2011-Feb-07, 03:40 PM
The night sky has many wonderful objects to look at on a clear evening, including many man-made satellites, and the always impressive International Space Station (ISS). Now there’s a new addition to these artificial delights: the first ever solar sail to orbit the Earth, NASA’s Nanaosail-D Satellite. Want to know how you can see it? [...]

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2011-Mar-02, 01:35 AM
I got to see the NanoSail D2 fly over Richmond Virginia tonight and witnessed a flare up. It was definitely as bright as Venus and possibly even a little brighter and then quickly faded away altogether. I knew it was coming by tracking it on this site: http://www.n2yo.com/?s=90027

The map showed that it was going to be traveling over the ocean just off the east coast, but I saw it straight above my head. Could their map be off or is space orientation perspective from the ground really that hard to determine?