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2004-May-07, 10:07 AM
Hi guy :)
I've juste finish somme 3d animated screen saver abaout moon, earth an M13
http://astrosurf.com/avex/fond-ecran/fond-ecran.html for dl (in bottom page)
Have fun :)
More hare working :)

2004-May-07, 10:42 AM
Is this all your stuff? Looks very good.
But - as we are here on the BABB, some hint on Bad Astronomy:
The pics showing Saturn from Titan are wrong. Titan orbits pretty close to the equatorial plane of Saturn, so, from Titan, you would always see the rings nearly edge-on.
But the artistic license you took can be found in nearly all pictures that show Saturn from Titan.

Au revoir!


2004-May-07, 11:34 AM
Tx for your comment
Effectevly : there is some great "artistic" licence in my product :)
but next time i will be more scientific in my pictures... :)
and what about screen saver ?
i beeing to do another realease of M13 whith loop zoom in to zoom out :oops:

space cadet
2004-May-07, 05:53 PM
wow, those are amazing. I wish I knew how to set those as my screensaver.

2004-May-08, 05:49 PM
well done..
the new screen saver M13 is ready : now it is a loop zoom in / zoom out without break :)
have fun :roll:

2004-May-08, 08:18 PM
wow, those are amazing. I wish I knew how to set those as my screensaver.

download the screensaver from the site but click "save as". Then when done downloading go to where u stored it, then right click then go to install, and there u go..

2004-May-08, 08:23 PM
What an amazing site you have!! I still can't get M13 to work though..

2004-May-08, 08:45 PM
I have another question for you. I can read french (sort-of) and I saw you used a Nikon Cool-Pix camera for some of the sunset pictures,
"Photo numérique au Nikon Coolpix 5400 par Frédéric Lasseur
Juillet 2003".
I have the same camera and I am having trouble with any of the modes except the main one. For example the "night" mode is always shakey. Which modes do you use and how do you get the others to work?

2004-May-08, 09:03 PM
wow, those are amazing. I wish I knew how to set those as my screensaver.

With XP Pro or Home you can set as your Screen Saver (SS) ANY pics in your my pictures folder. (I use XP Pro in all the machines in my house, so I had to wait for a friend to tell me if XP Home had this feature, sorry for the late response to any wanting to do this.) So ie... you can DL 10 astro pics, put them into your my pictures folder and use them as a SS. Really like your puppy too, put a pic of them into the folder. :)

To set the contents of my pictures as a SS the easiest method is to right click on an open area of your desktop select properties, select SS. Then click the SS drop down list and selcet My Pirctures Slideshow. Once that is done, I would recommend looking at the options. You can set how often pictures change as well as the source folder. I have a ton of pics from years of collecting in the my pictures folder, I don't want cars, sports moments, etc... mixed in when I'm in a galaxy mood. My my pictures folder is very organized, so if I want galaxies, I change the destination folder to my pictures/galaxies and now I have a galaxy SS that's mine. :D

If you have a digital camera/scanner/photo editing type program you can also look in them for Screen Saver capability, a lot do. It may be listed as a slideshow, but many slideshows can be set as a screen saver.

space cadet
2004-May-08, 11:49 PM
darn, i don't have xp.

i'm still running win 2000

2004-May-09, 04:25 AM
darn, i don't have xp.

i'm still running win 2000

The steps to look would be the same as I listed. It could be in there, I don't remember off-hand. :(

2004-May-09, 09:04 PM
8) Hi Kelly,

i have used the Nikon Coolpix 5700 for 6 month, that's a good camera in most of cases, but has some troubles with poor light, it's very difficult to obtain sharp images and to have a good focus in this case... I am now using a Canon Rebel Digital, it's a new life !!!

I used the 5700 in main mode, manual mode, aperture priority and speed priority, but never in other mode. You can practice astrophoto with it and WO DCL52 or scopetronix eyepiece, you can have results, as you can see on AVEX website, but it's very far from CCD ...

In poor light, use 800 ISO sensibility, and a post treatment with "Neat image" to erase electonic noise.

Clear skys

2004-May-10, 08:08 AM
space cadet : copy your new screen saver in windows/system32 or winnt/system32 folder :)
so call config panel and setup your your screen saver in "display" pannel set

2004-May-14, 10:31 AM
some of theme are available for MAC OS X :)
have fun