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2011-Feb-08, 05:00 PM
Our Universe is an enormous place; that’s no secret. What is up for discussion, however, is just how enormous it is. And new research suggests it’s a whopper – over 250 times the size of our observable universe.(...)Read the rest of Universe Could be 250 Times Bigger Than What is Observable (460 words) © Vanessa [...]

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2011-Feb-09, 02:24 PM
So...even if the univers is not infinite, from our prospective we have reason to believe it will always appear infinite - we will never be able to prove whether the assumed link between a pre-bayronic state and the observed state exists...other than the CMB?

Planck has identified a source of microwaves - or rather confirmed the suspicion that there may be 'spinning dust grains' emitting microwaves within our own galaxy in a spectral range that is near temperature of the observed CMB. Most interesting, (and extremely counter-intuitive) is the observation that these dust clouds are coolest when we are looking directly at the emitting source through a dust clouds, and warmer at the parimeter: Dust blocking radiation is not necessarily heated to the IR thermal peak expected by simple radiation transfer models - models used in the interpretation of WMAP data reduction to screen galactic noise.

Our understanding of the plyable magnetic winds, space weather, and the resulting radiation transfers and peak frequency domains is still in its infancy. We need a better grip on the cross section of 'spinning dust' throughout our cosmic environment before the final word is set in stone on how we should interpret the broad spectrum news at our doorstep.