View Full Version : where's my avatar image

2011-Feb-12, 03:09 AM
I don't post much, I just lurk. I've noticed that the kitty image I uploaded is visible from my profile but it's not associated with any of my posts.

How can I fix so others may bask in the glory of the kitten?

2011-Feb-12, 03:27 AM
Your avatar, what we see in the forum (like my frog picture) and your profile picture (for me its a spotted salamander) are two different images. At the top right corner of the webpage, is "Settings". Click on that, scroll down to Edit Avatar, and set up what you want.

Or am I misunderstanding the problem?

2011-Feb-12, 03:33 AM
To bask in ones reflected kittenness is a most noble desire.

And yeah, it sounds like Swift has the answer. I look forward to the avatar. She's a doozy.

2011-Feb-12, 03:38 AM
All hail the power of cat avatars!

2011-Feb-12, 03:42 AM
Or cavatars, as I like to call them.

2011-Feb-15, 10:03 PM
Meh, I was thrown because of the redundancy of having a profile picture and an avatar picture. Most fora use the same picture for avatar and profiles. Fixed now.