View Full Version : Romantic Valentines Day Encounter Looms with Icy Comet

2011-Feb-13, 11:10 PM
At last, NASA embraces a romantic rendezvous in the dark void of deep space. And soon the whole world can watch the up close meet up of the hot Stardust probe and the volatile, icy comet. The historic space tryst is just a day away! The Stardust-NExT spacecraft hot fired its thrusters for the final [...]

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2011-Feb-14, 08:26 PM
If romance starts with someone swatting you with a copper washing machine at @10k/sec; this is a Valentine.

When deep impact hit Tempel 1, there were a number of polls running on websites where members were guessing what would happen. No one could really collect; because the view of the impact site was masked within a few milliseconds with a huge dusty plume.

So any new guesses today? I still think the impact site will be <100m across and < 30m deep; so we will not likely see much even if Stardust finds a path directly over the impact site.

That said, like everyone else, I was surprised by the dust raised by Deep impact - and the low moisture content within the plume. Anyone care to guess again?

2011-Feb-15, 12:53 AM
I think that might fall under "Slap, Slap, Kiss", Jerry.