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2011-Feb-15, 06:13 AM
When I was very young, my Polish-American grandmother introduced me to Chopin and Paderewski. As a teenager, a local musician played a record by a guitarist named Johnny Smith (Moonlight in Vermont, listen to it) and got me interested in jazz. My uncle Tony made me listen to a collection called "Jazz at the Philharmonic, 12-inch 78 RPM records with all the greats of the '40s, including a trio with Nat Cole and Les Paul. A record store owner said "You might like this." and played "Rocket 69" by Bull Moose Jackson, and I discovered R & B. In the summer of '53 I went to a "Big Band" dance; it was the end of that era. The band was that of Stanley Newcomb Kenton, and we didn't dance; the music was so exciting we just stood on the dance floor and listened.
So through the years, it's gone on; in the Army, it was Dylan and Donovan, Peter, Paul and Mary, the Mommas and the Papas (Spanky and Our Gang I discovered on my own) and many others. But it was almost always "Man, you gotta listen to this." When my son was a teenager, he'd bring home tapes with "I think you'll like this," and there was Iron Maiden and Dire Straits. He grew up and went off to college and the Navy, flying Tomcats, and I didn't have anyone to point me to new music.
Then came "Glee". Because of that show, I've discovered new (to me) artists; Ce Lo and Train. Most recently I was pleased to find out that the lead singer of Train was from my home town, Erie, PA.
I feel that I owe all the people who have said "listen to this" for the pleasure that music has given me; especially my mother, who taught me "Popeye the Sailor Man" when I was five, which helped me to cure my stammering.

2011-Feb-15, 07:07 AM
I've gotten lost for hours in YouTube's related videos. I'll go there to see something specific, then wander. Most recently I've come across:

She and Him- A duo with Zooey Deschanel and Matt Ward. She sounds a little like Leslie Gore, Petula Clark, or Linds Ronstadt depending on the song.

Kate Miller Heidke- An Australian opera singer who went pop. Her songs are either serious and moving ("Caught in the Crowd", "Last Day on Earth"), or bizarre and quirky, (Operatic version of "Psycho Killer", "Career Advice"). She sounds a lot like Cyndi Lauper most of the time, then slips into full opera voice for a few words. Comments all say that her live shows are far better than the recorded stuff. YouTube clips seem to confirm that. The albums have the "pop singer" filter turned on and it actually takes away from her voice.