View Full Version : Fiscal Squeeze Could Freeze NASA Budget for Five Years

2011-Feb-16, 03:10 AM
NASA officials put on happy faces on February 14 to discuss their new budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2012, but it wasn’t exactly cheerful news. President Barack Obama proposed freezing NASA’s budget at the 2010 level, and called for a five-year freeze on new spending for the space agency. This would put NASA at $18.7 [...]

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2011-Feb-28, 05:01 AM
Barack's only error was in not cutting the budgets that feed a bureaucracy that stifles innovation and discovery. 50% of the budget goes to so-called "administrators". Cost-plus contracts (the absolute rule of the day, everyday) encourage "chronyism" and featherbedding on a scale we would never tolerate from organized Labor. NASA has NOT had ANY sweeping innovations in 30 years, and now they are pushing MORE heavy-lifting manned space-flight options. This is egregious behavior that cannot be tolerated. We need to spend twice as much on scientific discovery and research and cut the bureaucrats (frequently masquerading as scientists) by 90%! True innovation will have to be forced on NASA officials.

forrest noble
2011-Mar-01, 04:20 AM
The monies are instead going to social programs and economic stimulation. The military budget remains high with Iraq and Afghanistan, whether good or bad. Not enough left for NASA in a recession it would seem.