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2011-Feb-20, 09:41 PM
I am very reluctant to post this as a question and will try not to make it one...
but 'why' is hard to beat as my understanding struggles with this subject mater...
At a local level a Mr Ken Ring publishes a almanac of weather predictions based on the Lunar cycles. This fellow publishes in New Zealand and Australia where he makes claims of weather patterns reflected in his publication of these books and a web site... He is also into the Irish and UK for some of his woo, woo predictions... He has even gotten into earthquake prediction and is feeding off the fears of the misinformed...
My counter argument is like yelling in a thunderstorm... The media flock to his comments and he has a regular following on radio stations on both sides of the Tasman sea.
He has failed miserably to predict storms as they roll in and despite his missing the target with spectacular regularity seems to be gaining a following... and he earns a living while doing this... Sigh...!
The Moon is Never more than 406,300 km from Earth
The Moon is never closer than 356,700 km from Earth.
Yes we have tidal effect, and yes that might place tensions on the tectonic plates...
Geologists and astronomers have looked at the frequency and location of seismic events.
No such correlation is found... Just because we can or can not see the moon does not change the fact of its mass effect upon Earth...Its never not there.
I am the recipient of a infraction recantly ( and deservedly ) for being less than tolerant of what I consider to be sharks in the water science... So I am attempting to ask for help... How to better inform the masses... or does know one care ? I am seeing very bad astronomy and want so much to put it right. Mark.

2011-Feb-20, 11:57 PM
You might want to post a recent article by this ring leader, so we can debunk it.

The Moon's regularity ought to minimize dramatic claims. It is moving away from the Earth in tiny, tiny increments (~38mm/year) so the big tidal events were long ago.

2011-Feb-21, 06:11 AM
No. That might encourage people to follow this Lunatic notion... or more to the actual fact that I never have figured how to post a link to another site here... Go to your favourite search engine and type...' Ken Ring. The moon man.' and see what opens...
I will offer a reprieve as 'he' does seem to debunk the whole 2012 thing... that's a good thing a...? So he's not evil. Just wrong.

2011-Feb-22, 02:21 AM
Mother nature does not conform to humanities rules... Ken Ring has spoken of Earthquakes on or near the Perigee of March and April... well guess what. Christchurch NZ has just had a 6.3 only 5km deep and within 10 km of the city centre... Lots of damage and lives... Ugly. 12.51 pm nz time. Interrupted my lunch....

2011-Feb-23, 07:50 PM
There will always be an earthquake ~6 magnitude somewhere within any four month window (assuming February is NEAR March or April, but January isn't).

So his predictive power is consistent with randomness.

Convince the general public? Shut down Las Vegas?

It has always been easier to prosper by telling stories than by resolving the truth;
and only slightly more easy to create honest wealth than it is to discover a new truth.

2011-Feb-24, 07:42 PM
Thanks Jerry... No I do not wish to impose my preconditioned thinking upon all... Shutting down Las Vagas is not my agenda...

but in general, people do seem to gravitate very quickly to charlatanry and snake oil salesmen...

Is a better education process required... I think so...

The bad astronomy I see. Where people hold as true all that is implied by almost no science at all is a concern... I know they know better.