View Full Version : Spotted a bright, (apparently) low meteor tonight. Denver, CO--anyone else?

man on the moon
2011-Feb-23, 01:55 AM
I was at the dog park this evening, here in Denver, when a meteor came by. It was beautiful, a brilliant baby blue color. It was a few minutes before sunset, so it was still daylight. It's apparent magnitude to unpracticed me was somewhere a notch brighter than Jupiter or Sirius. Again, it was daylight and I have no 'real'/good comparison considering all the variables between daylight and night time luminosities.

It started in the North-north-east and fell for a number of seconds--long enough for me to yell and a number of people to turn and see it. It disappeared just a hair north of East (technical, I know :P). From where we were there were two or three city blocks of nothing/trees (a park), then a few high rises maybe 20 and 25 stories high. The meteor was sort of between/headed 'behind' two buildings by the time I lost it. It seemed to have broken up about then, but between the trees and the buildings I can't be sure. Appeared to be low, like some of the airplanes en route to the airport (not sure what the final altitude was, just that it was in the same part of the sky as the landing approach is some nights.

I am curious:

1--if anyone else saw it,

2--if anyone knows whether/how to tell if it landed somewhere out toward Kansas?