View Full Version : Tides again

2011-Feb-23, 05:20 PM
Was just reading a fascinating book called The Continental Shelf (Pam Walker and Elaine Wood, Facts on File, 2005), part of a six volume Life in the Sea collection for elementary and middle school students.

However, it discusses the tides in a sidebar on page 13, and I think it could do a better job. It doesn't come right out and say that it uses centrifugal force in the explanation, but it does say that it uses the force of inertia. We've had many discussions about why that explanation does not work, but the article leaves out enough details that I wouldn't have bothered here, except for this sentence:
The Moon does not fall into the Earth because of the inertia, the tendency of a moving object to keep moving, that is created by their stable orbits.My claim is that the inertia is not created by stable orbits. :)