View Full Version : What pianists play Bach with the greatest dynamics?

2011-Feb-26, 07:19 AM
I'd like to find recordings of pianists whose interpretations of Bach utilize the full dynamic range of the piano. (I realize that this range of dynamics wasn't possible on the keyboard instruments that Bach wrote for). What are the names of some good pianists who played Bach this way?

(I enjoy the music of Jacques Loussier and Eugen Cicero, but my question is about pianists who make more faithful interpretations.)

2011-Feb-26, 07:27 AM
I'm sure kleindoofy has better suggestions, but I immediately though of Glenn Gould and Rosalyn Tureck.

2011-Feb-26, 03:09 PM
Glenn Gould is one of my favorites, but I don't hear much variation in the loudness and softness of his playing - at least compared to what a piano is capable of doing. His style has an almost exaggerated respect for goal of counterpoint to display independent voices; he avoids legato. I've only listened to Rosalyn Tureck on Youtubes. I don't hear the full range of loudness and softness in her playing, but that may be due to the sound technologies involved.

2011-Feb-28, 02:25 AM
Anthony Newman.