View Full Version : Keep Your Cool! New Experiment Will Help Understand Heat Transfer in Space

2011-Mar-01, 11:50 PM
From a NASA news release: It may seem illogical, but boiling is a very efficient way to cool engineering components and systems used in the extreme environments of space. An experiment to gain a basic understanding of this phenomena launched to the International Space Station on space shuttle Discovery Feb. 24. The Nucleate Pool Boiling [...]

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2011-Mar-02, 10:20 PM
"Bubbles in microgravity grow to different sizes than on Earth. This experiment will focus on the dynamics of single and multiple bubbles and the associated heat transfer."


Is this because the gravity is less, or because the pressure is lower?

I've played with these types of heat transfer functions; and pressures, vapors pressures and heating rates dramatically effect bubble formation. So does the shape of the vessel, vessel material, granularity of the surface and every other little thing. Have the isolated all of the usual suspects? Is it gravity or bouyancy at a lower absolute pressure?